To many more years ahead.

We’ve come a long way, each year having the opportunity to help more and more clients and candidates match.

A few things we’re great at

Specialization is at our core. We work specifically in the Food and Beverage, Consumer Packages Goods, and Life Sciences industries. We take our specialty and apply it across North America.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Consumer Packaged Goods

Health and
Life Sciences


Here’s what our people say about us:

Very good, but we’re not done yet, I have another search for you. Thank you for conducting your search, we are happy to have your candidate on board!


I am so grateful that I have started working with TQR! Over the years I have been bombarded with 100’s of recruiters and I have never seen the results that this company has provided me. They are fast, efficient and excel as far as quantity and quality candidates. 



The interview went really well and I’m confident that you found another rockstar! Thanks for all that you do.



Working with TQR

On your side, it’s a simple, four step process. It starts by telling us what you need and we take care of the rest. See all four steps to find your perfect Candidate.

1. Introduction

Tell us what you’re looking for in terms of responsibilities, experience, and fit.

2. Screening

We’ll provide you with a list of qualified candidates that have been fully screened, so you can focus on the interview process.

3. Offer and Negotiation

We’ll help you develop the offer and facilitate negotiation with the selected candidate to ensure a smooth process.

4. Finalize

We’ll follow up to ensure a smooth transition for your new hire, and ask for feedback to help shape our current and future processes. 

Latest news

Our team provides new blogs on a weekly basis, giving you up to date knowledge on industry news, tips and tricks within the industry, and more.

I distinctly remember walking through offices with ping pong tables, lunch cafes, and fringe benefits that made offices look like social venues.
As strange as it sounds, the darker things get, the more profound the bright side will be coming out the other side.
Recent studies indicate that difficulties and changes in the workplace have not harmed workplace resilience. The opposite held. In many cases, the more changes workers experienced in their environment due to COVID, the more resilient they became.

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