3 Secrets Ever Job Seeker Needs to Know

Today, looking for a job has become more complex than its ever been. It is extremely difficult to stand out from other applicants and the role of the recruiter when there are a multitude of applicants is to find reasons not to put candidates forward as hiring managers are demanding to see near perfect fit candidates only.  Unfortunately, the majority of job seekers are simply unaware or incapable of overcoming the barriers created by a strict recruitment and selection process. Technology has brought about tremendous change in the recruitment process and knowing the following 3 hidden rules in a job search will help you come out with flying colours.

Bring out your creative side

Being different is the key to success and this has become extremely evident in the technological world. You need to understand that a recruiter receives hundreds of applications for a single job opening. And, if you send generic resumes and cover letters, the recruiter might not even discover how amazing you really are. Graphic designers are known to send creative and fascinating cover letters and resumes for every job applied for.  If graphic designers can do it, you can easily unleash your creativity and create resume and cover letters that are just different enough, not overdone of course, that catch the recruiter’s attention.  Recruiters are looking for people who can think outside of the box and bring about change in the way things are done because people who are creative show a passion for their work, and they make great employees.

Help your recruiter help you by being prepared

Let’s face it. If you don’t develop rapport with your recruiter, you have minimal chances of getting to the next stage. Therefore, it is best to avoid mistakes or habits, which put off recruiters during the interview process.  Nothing annoys recruiters more than doing little to no research about the company and job you are applying for.  You may be socially skilled with the ability to think fast on your feet, but it is always advisable to do your homework and present yourself as professionally as possible during the recruitment process by simply having done your homework.  Every job is different and every profile requires a different kind of research and preparation.  The list of recruiter pet peeves goes on, showing up to an interview too early or late, not dressing appropriately for the interview, poor listening skills and calling the hiring manager continuously to follow up after the interview without consulting the recruiter.  Many applicants simply do not make it past the first interview because of mistakes made during the start of the process that can be avoided with a little bit of thought and preparation.

Be patient and show your genuine interest during the process

There is no question that looking for a job is one of the most stressful and frustrating experiences you are likely to have to go through in your life.  Maintaining calm and patience during the process is critical to your success.  Applicants, as they move through the steps in the process tend to let their guard down and become overconfident before they are finally selected for the role.  This has caused many unfortunate applicants in the late stages to miss the final cut.  Recruiters and hiring authorities are looking closely at the way you conduct yourself during the recruitment process and consider this a reflection of how you will behave on the job.  This is their best frame of reference.  The key is to remain professional, consistent and patient during the process in your communication, follow-up and speed of getting back to the employer as information is requested.  You may never know why you are not selected for the next stage simply because you came across as less interested in the role than the candidate who appeared more proactive during the process.

In the job search process it’s the small things that make a difference, be sure to be well prepared and this will give you the added confidence to shine during the interview and stand out above the crowd.


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