2020 is a time to reflect, and reinvent. All companies use the beginning of the year as a time to step back and determine any major changes for the year. 

To better help the packaging industry, we’re sharing the top 7 design trends in the packaging industry from 2019. 

Note: This article was inspired by an original post by Packaging Digest

7. Lays: Social handles added to packages

  • Facebook, Twitter and QR codes can be found on the back of the packages
  • First redesign in a dozen years
  • Inspired by social, Chips featured at multiple angles and lighting
  • Smaller logo on front
  • Debuted in September

6. Chico Honey: Inverted Pouch Trend

“Honey can be a sticky sweet treat, so having it mess-free makes life easier. We considered having the product packed in smaller sachet pouches until we fell in love with the idea of the StandCap pouch.”

– Mike Watson, Sales and Brand Manager – Chico Honey
  • An aim at creating a less mess packaging design
  • Trend began in 2015 with Daisy sour cream
  • Chico Honey launched this packaging in Summer 2019

5. Packaging Innovation Awards

  • Coca-Cola: Reduces weight by 9% and improved recyclability by switching to extrusion blow-molding PET resin
  • Ecologic Brands Inc. Seed Phytoneutrients paper bottle is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper

4. Estee Lauder: Best in Show – AmeriStar Winner

  • Clinique iD dual-pump packaging combined two products in one package

3. Heinz Ketchup

  • Notable for packaging changes from original glass bottle to Dip and Squeeze pictured above

2. Hill’s Science Diet

  • Hill’s makes a change for the cuter
  • Puts Cats and Dogs at the forefront of package
  • Callout showcases the company’s work helping homeless animals
  • Brings awareness to real food ingredients included in packages

1. Mars Wrigley Confectionery

  • Redesigns M&M packaging
  • From lay-flat package to stand up pouch 
  • Better move for advertising to create its own billboard effect on shelves


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