While the pandemic has imposed many complications with business, it has also forced employers to take a deeper look at their environment and rethink the necessity of the office.

Businesses that were skeptical of WFH employment have now seen increases in productivity and happiness of their employees. As a result many employers are considering their options including taking their company fully remote.

A recent survey released by Buffer showed that 99% of employees want to work from home to some degree. Here’s a chart demonstrating what these employees see as the biggest benefit to WFH:

On the flip side, many employees voice concerns over the logistics of working remotely. As employers, we will need to adapt and find solutions to these common concerns.

Among the top concerns is Unplugging After Work. After all, when your home is “the office” and there’s a pandemic telling you to stay home 24/7, how can you leave work? Policies need to be in place and honoured to ensure employees are able to shut off after work. Proper policies will set up regular schedules for those who need it and lead to a reduction in burnout.

Another popular concern highlighted above is loneliness. Many employers are realizing that when taking their teams fully remote, the first sacrifice is culture. In this new age of business, we’ll need to find ways to change our culture to a more distanced environment. (See our blog on developing an attractive culture.)

Overall employees are voicing the desire to work from home and we’re excited to see how employers rise to this new challenge and the opportunities that will rise from it.

If you want more details on the affect of COVID-19 on employment, take a look at our May market update.



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