Working with TQR is simple.

Our team of recruiters and client managers hear your needs, and handle the entire recruiting process, so that all you need to worry about is saying yes to your new candidate.

Being aware of your need for a knowledge partner who can cater to your highly-specific requirements, we step into this role with the help of a focused, systematic approach.

Step One: Opportunity Draft

TQR will connect with your Hiring Manager to get a full understanding of your organization’s opportunities, its challenges, and the timeline for filling your requirement. We then create a job description for each opportunity, and work on a customized marketing strategy to attract qualified professionals within the given time frame. 

Step Two: Candidate Sourcing and Presentation

TQR will source qualified candidates within a commutable distance from your facility. Our Senior Associate personally interviews top quality candidates who have expressed an interest in the opportunity provided by you. If suitable candidates cannot be sourced locally, TQR has a vast network of candidates fit for your requirement who have expressed a willingness to relocate for the right opportunity. Matched candidates are then passed on to you along with the candidate’s personal resume, career highlights, and a summary of our interview notes. 

Step Three: Scheduling Interviews

TQR will work closely with your team to schedule candidate interviews (telephone, in-person meeting, panel interviews or video teleconferencing) based on your wishes. The candidate’s post-interview feedback will be shared with you, and the next steps will be scheduled. 

Step Four: Offer Preparation

When you are ready to extend an offer to our candidate, TQR will confirm the offer details with you, verbally present the offer to the candidate, negotiate with the candidate on your behalf if required, and secure their verbal acceptance. After the candidate verbally accepts, we will work with your team to finalize the written offer and submit the candidate’s written acceptance for your files.

Step Five: Reference Checks

Reference checks will be provided before a written offer is made. Reference checks will consist of about 10 questions about the candidate’s work ethic, personality, character, work experience, initiative & drive, and matching qualifications to the role.

Step Six: Candidate Onboarding

TQR will look after all logistical details related to the candidate’s on-boarding, including their resignation from current employment, start date and help with relocation if required. We will also confirm their work hours, who they will report to, and similar miscellaneous aspects, to ensure a smooth transition for both parties. 

Step Seven: Post-Employment Follow-Up

Your Client Manager will follow up with you after the candidate has become a member of your team, to ensure a smooth transition. We are passionate about building quality teams, and if there are concerns on either side, TQR will work diligently to ensure any issues are resolved.

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