One of the largest questions we’ve been asked is: how is the Coronavirus affecting employment. The general synopsis is that some industries are on a full hiring freeze, while others are ramping up on hiring efforts.

A survey conducted with various employers highlights a fairly balanced reaction to hiring direction.

65% of businesses voice that they are still hiring in some form. Many of these businesses state that their company is still in need of talent – perhaps now more than ever.

37% of businesses are reducing their hiring efforts to only essential workers. These businesses are cautiously observing the environment and intend to scale hiring back to regular efforts once we are clear from this difficult time.

24% of businesses are on a hiring freeze. These businesses are halting their current hiring process, enhancing current job descriptions and expect to ride out the current environment.

11% of businesses have made the call to lay off staff during this difficult time.

Where is your business on this scale? Do you find that these stats accurately represent your industry? Let us know.

For more depth on how COVID-19 is impacting hiring, get our May Employment Update.



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