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Candidates are looking for a winning culture, particularly those who have had poor experiences, to avoid working in a toxic environment. Toxic environments are emotionally draining and usually result in unnecessary drama, gossip, high employee turnover, and low productivity. In this digital age, your employer brand, which is primarily about your culture, is paramount to building a highly productive team. Here are some critical elements of a winning culture:  


As Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start with Why’ teaches us, ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.’ Developing a winning culture requires creating a sense of why your company exists and why the job exists within the company. It could be as straight forward as shared values and beliefs or as noble as working for a cause of some kind. Either way, a sense of purpose goes a long way in creating culture candidates will be attracted to, and employees will stay working for an extended period. 


Not a word you hear much in business, which makes it all the more a strategic advantage for those who do care. Promote wellness in the work environment. Healthy employees are happy employees. Employers who create an environment that provides opportunities for team building, physical activity, and offers some flexibility for a work-life balance show that they care and are ultimately creating a more productive workforce. 


Developing trust in the workplace is about balancing the needs of the business while being considerate of your people. Employees need to know that management is on their side, not opposing them, or treating them like pawns. Company’s too often put process and profit way up on a pedestal and people far below. Putting people last creates a sense of imbalance and disengagement. As leaders, much trust comes from aligning your words and deeds and remaining consistent across the board. Building trust is hard work and requires leadership to walk the talk and even become vulnerable, admitting mistakes and failures, while at the same time working towards a brighter future. 

This post is part of our larger annual Salary Guide.


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