Frequently Asked Questions

Specialization: We only work in the specializations where we have industry expertise: CPG and Life Sciences. This means that we will be able to connect you to leading brands in these fields.

Location: We work with clients in urban as well as remote locations, and once you know your preference we will set you up with a job in an area of your choosing.

Quality and speed: We take your experience, certifications and degrees into account to get you the right job as fast as possible.

Expertise: With a combined 50+ years’ experience in Executive Search, we have the tools to connect you with the right employer.

No. There is no fee to submit your résumé or apply for any jobs you like.

You can submit your résumé here.

Bring a copy of your resume and references along with any relevant letters of recommendation. If you have attained any specific licenses, certifications, degrees etc., please bring a copy of those with you as well.


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