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Specialization: We only work in the specializations where we have industry expertise: CPG, Life Sciences and Construction. This makes us a valuable resource to our clients, because we have a real-time view of what’s happening in their market, helping us provide data-rich assessment solutions. 

Location: We work with clients in urban as well as remote locations where it is a little more challenging to find candidates. We have considerable experience in sourcing candidates who are open to relocation and have expressed interest in your area, should the right opportunity arise. 

Quality and speed: We understand that your requirement is a priority that needs to be addressed quickly. We start work on the search immediately, while keeping in mind your critical requirements, including specific certifications and degrees. 

Expertise: With a combined 50+ years’ experience in Executive Search, we pride ourselves in our expertise, knowledge of marketing, and track record of exceptional service.

We partner with leading companies in our fields of expertise to find talented professionals to join your team as full-time permanent employees. We reach out to relevant candidates to see what opportunities they would be interested in, and interview them to get a good grasp of their skills and interests. We then match them with the opportunities our clients provide.

See the 7-step TQR Client Process here.

Our expertise lies in the CPG, Life Sciences and Construction industries. We fulfill senior and mid-level positions in all three fields. While most of our roles are supervisory or management level, we also fulfil highly specialized engineering and technical roles.

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We work on both contingency and retainer models. A Client Manager would be happy to discuss the best option for you. Simply call 844-447-3877 (707) and you will be directed to the client manager best suited to help with your needs.


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