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    We’re consistently growing our candidate database to seek out the best possible talent. 

    With dedicated recruitment teams, we work 24 hours per day to ensure there is always a team working for you. 

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    Industries we serve:

    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Food and Beverage
    • Plastics
    • Printing
    • Manufacturing
    • Medical Devices
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Life Sciences


    teams built across North America.

    1 Million+

    candidates ready for work
    and open to relocation.


    years of recruitment experience.

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    • Within moments of working with us the recruitment teams starts building a candidate pool.
    • By the end of day one your client manager is manually vetting each candidate to ensure the necessary experience and best fit.
    • Our clients start receiving a vetted list of quality candidates within the first 48 hours.
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    How we’ve helped build quality teams

    I am so grateful that I have started working with TQR! Over the years I have been bombarded with 100’s of recruiters and I have never seen the results that this company has provided me. They are fast, efficient and excel as far as quantity and quality candidates. 

    John P.

    Very good, but we’re not done yet, I have another search for you. Thank you for conducting your search, we are happy to have your candidate on board!

    Kayla D.

    Boutique-Level Communication, Corporate-Level Reach

    One-on-One Communication

    You’ll have a dedicated Client Manager to work with through the entire process. Their job is to oversee everything from the job description to manually vetting every candidate that comes your way. 

    24 Hours a Day

    We have dedicated recruitment teams that work around the clock to find quality candidates for your team. This ensures there’s always a large pool of candidates to choose from. 

    National Reach

    The right candidate isn’t always around the corner. Our team has a consistently growing database of candidates that are ready for work and willing to relocate. 

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