The past few months have been difficult for most businesses. The September market report showed that while we gained 661,000 new employees. We’re still at a loss of 10.7 million jobs when compared to February 2020. With this devastating increase in unemployment, many are scrambling for new work.

LinkedIn currently published that there is a surge in remote hiring happening across the country. So with an inflated job market, and a significantly larger talent pool than before, its (a) difficult for employers to sift through the noise and (b) difficult for job seekers to get employers eyes on their CV

When searching for a new job there is one primary goal that all job seekers are trying to capture.

Job Seeker Goal: Capture employers attention.

On the other hand, employers (and recruiters alike) have one common goal.

Employer Goal: Hire the best possible candidate.

Many companies are rising to the challenge of making the world better during this time. While some companies shift into new business methods, others find innovative ways to adapt to the landscape.

Job boards are searching networks that are doing what they can to ease the burden of hiring during this time. Taking advantage of these new features. This will give you a boost in views, and better your chances of landing your next job.

Linkedin: Open to Work

In July 2020, LinkedIn published a new feature called Open to Work. This was a way to let job seekers notify recruiters and/or their network that they are searching for a new job.

In addition to the standard feature that let job seekers notify recruiters of their job search status, the Open to Work function enables a profile frame highlighting #OpenToWork, and gives the option to post a standard message on LinkedIn with the hashtag #OpenToWork.

By utilizing this feature job seekers get exposure in a few ways:

  1. Profile Photo: Every time you comment, share, or engage on LinkedIn, your entire audience will see the green banner in your profile photo showing that you are open to work.
  2. Recruiter Notification: Anyone with a recruiter membership on LinkedIn will be aware that you are ready for your next opportunity.
  3. Sharing with your Network: By sharing a post on your network you’re letting all of your connections know that you’re open to work. Many job seekers find new roles through referrals.
  4. Utilizing the Hashtag #OpenToWork: By using the hashtag you’re opening your availability up to the entire LinkedIn network. By using the trending hashtag you’ll gain significant exposure over the usual LinkedIn Post

All in all the LinkedIn #OpenToWork feature was designed to give more exposure to job seekers and a more focused search to hiring managers that are urgently looking to fill roles. Try it for yourself here.

Indeed: Ready to Work

In July Indeed rolled our a new Ready to Work feature on their platform. The feature can be enabled by candidates to show that they are ready to work immediately.

Just turn the Ready to Work feature on to become discoverable to hiring managers filtering for applicants that are ready to work.

By simply selecting the Ready to Work option when you complete your profile, you’re broadcasting your resume to every employer on Indeed. Full steps include:

  1. Confirm the ready-to-work option. Here you can select “I’m available to start work immediately.”
  2. Upload your resume to Indeed.
  3. Get your CV noticed by employers.

The Ready to Work initiative is tentatively lasting through the pandemic and can be used immediately.

An additional feature rolled out was the ability for hiring managers to select “Urgently Hiring” on their job listings. This feature would signify that the hiring manager is currently actively hiring and would like to fill the position as soon as possible.

Job Seekers can access the Urgently Hiring feature simply by searching “Urgently Hiring” on Indeed when searching for a job.

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