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The Hire Right eBook is a complete guide for the hiring process, as detailed by an experienced recruitment team. Our team created this eBook as a way to help clients better understand the hiring process so that they can spend more time finding great talent.

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    Every Step of the Process

    Follow along with each step of the hiring process from addressing your unique problem to offer and negotiation. With this eBook you’ll master the hiring process and build your quality team.

    Addressing Your Unique Problem

    Understand where your business can be optimized and the scope of what that entails.

    Visualizing your Unique candidate

    Picture what qualities your newest hire should have, and how they will contribute.

    Attracting the right candidate

    Create a compelling offer that is both accurate and impossible to refuse.

    Shaping the Right Questions

    Discover the questions that you should be asking your candidates (examples included).

    The Interview Process

    Find out what you need to pay attention to in order to find the best fit for your company.

    Offer and negotiation

    Learn what makes a compelling offer and how to best handle the negotiation process.

    Includes Free Hiring Checklist

    Get the interactive digital checklist to following along the entire hiring process from start to finish. 

    • Interactive digital checklist
    • Sub-tasks for all critical items in each step
    • Optimized for iPad and compatible with all devices