Employee in a four-day work week.

Employees across the world traded in their work desk for a home setting. Working from the living room coffee table, kitchen island, or perhaps a home office. What started as a feeling of freedom led to a realization: Working from home means having a constant connection to work. 

Employees quickly became available 24/7 which led to longer working hours, skipped meals, gradually leading to stress, burnout, and mental health concerns.

Work from home traded in culture for freedom and left some feeling lonely, depressed, or stuck. So, what can employers do to combat mental health concerns that arise from work from home environments? 

What employee expect from their organization?

Employees expect to be treated with respect, trust, and to feel secure in the job they are performing. Employees should be encouraged to get support from their management, colleagues, and to be appreciated in the process.

What can companies do to aide employee mental health?

What can companies do aide employee mental health? Here are the best ways to overcome mental health issues and lead to a happier, healthier workforce. 

Give them the flexibility to set their schedules

Jobs with flexible working hours permit the employees to work when and where they want. Consequently, the chances of delivering quality work increase when employees can choose the times that they work best. Giving employees the authority to plan their own workday leads to increased confidence, productivity and satisfaction in their role. 

Encourage employees to take vacations

Studies show that when employees take some personal time away from work, they tend to feel recharged and relaxed. They are thus more receptive to work and show more focus. A calm and relaxed mind is better at decision making and can do more work in a shorter time. It is an employer’s responsibility to encourage employees to go on vacations, knowing that it leads to improved overall concentration and focus. Taking time off will only help your employees become more productive by as much as 70% to 80%. And furthermore, taking time off can help companies retain talent and keep turnover costs down.

Team building activities

Hosting team-building activities can help and create a positive work environment that encourages teams to work collaboratively. Motivating your team members to work together outside of work can show similar benefits and successes at work. These activities can compensate for the lack of communication that naturally occurs with the distance of a work from home environment. 

Whether it’s a virtual Friday activity, or a team trip after work, these activities encourage collaboration, healthy competition, and lasting working relationships. These relationships will significantly improve mental health and contribute to the success of employees. 

Build a strong culture

Regular communication with your teams, check-ins with no agenda, virtual activities, or monthly meetings. Build a strong culture with your employees require regular interactions that emphasize open and effective communication. The company should foster a workspace where people feel comfortable communicating with each other, and happy to work with their colleagues. 

Foster an open, non-judgemental workplace

Make your working place non-judgemental; for any employer, it’s essential to make a healthy workspace. 

There are multiple ways you can ensure a non-judgemental workplace.

  • Adopt an attitude of acceptance, genuineness, and appreciation.
  • Always make sure to show that you’re listening to your teammates.
  • Maintain positive body language.
  • Be transparent with your team members and colleagues.

Make mental health services a part of the Health Insurance

Employee mental health is just as important as physical health. That’s why federal law, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), says that mental and behavioral health services are essential health benefits that must be covered. As the format of work changed, employers should assess their current benefits and insurance packages to ensure they reflect the current work environment. 

Following these tips will lead to a happier and healthier workforce and improve employee morale and Mental Health. 


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