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We all agree these are uncertain times. Many of us didn’t think that indefinite remote work would be in the scope of this decade, but it’s here and companies across the world are making the transition. Zoom stocks are rising, and video conferencing is becoming the new normal. This time is highlighting the capabilities technology in personal and professional life. But as we’ve shifted into a high tech era, have we continued to foster an environment that is also high touch, or have we left it behind?

If the COVID-19 pandemic happened even 20 years ago, we would not be doing as well in business as we are right now. In a time not so long ago where I was using typewriters and land line telephone only, we would rely on personal contact and telephones to stay connected with our clients. If the pandemic happened then, we would literally be at a standstill.

However, as technology pushes us further into the future, there are quite a few baby boomers still around where we rely on high touch. Some of us like to stay connected through personal contact via phone and haven’t quite grasped the degree of technology we have available.

We have to constantly ask ourselves as a business: What are the needs of our customers? And the even larger question: How do we best communicate with our customers?

As we think long and hard about the best way to craft a message, set up a presentation, or other means, sometimes it’s as easy as reaching out with our personal touch and talking to them the old fashion way.

Remember when we are reaching out via emails and campaigns, we can’t always assume that a quiet client is a happy client, we sometimes need to reach out and ask “How is everything? How can we earn your business? How can we contribute to your businesses success?

When the pandemic is over I believe businesses will realize the the full capability of remote employees and the high tech at their disposal. When that happens, maybe we can keep in mind that high touch is still a fundamental element of connecting in business.

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