A report published by the Good Food Institute and Plant Based Foods Association shows a growth rate of 11 percent in the plant-based food industry. 

  • Plant-based Milk accounts for 13% of entire milk sales
  • Plant-based dairy sees surge (Yogurt is 39%)
  • Plant-based Ice Cream has grown 27%

There are major technological advances happening to make plant-based foods a reality. Entrepreneur.com explains that Impossible Foods have found a way to use plant-based heme (responsible for giving meat its taste) by fermenting genetically engineered yeast and using it to make patties resembling meat. This makes 87 percent fewer greenhouse gases and 75 percent less water than the typical burger. 

The plant-based meat market is proving to be a wise transition for health, environment and economy. The US industry – worth $801 million – is predicted to grow up to nearly $28 billion by 2025. 

Still, globally meat consumption is at an all-time high with high demand in countries like Thailand, Brazil, and Morocco. But up and coming companies are adamant on meeting demand with plant-based foods among meat-eaters. This transition will push toward a healthier and more sustainable future. 


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