Types of Agreements

We provide multiple agreement options to ensure that our clients can work the way that best suits them. 


What we do: Supply you with high-performing candidates who match your requirements perfectly. 

How we do it: Find strong talent fast by assigning you a senior associate who understands your needs and works with you from start to finish. 

What the agreement entails: Each placement comes with a guarantee period based on the position. Our fee is based on a percentage of the employee’s first year’s guaranteed income.


What we do: Deliver qualified candidates in the shortest possible time frame. 

How we do it: Our retainer allows us to dedicate a project team of subject matter experts and additional resources. The project team is managed by a senior associate from start to finish.

What the agreement entails: A retainer fee that is paid before the beginning of the search and guarantees a discounted recruitment fee. Retained searches also come with a guarantee term after the hire is made; the guarantee period depends on the level of the position.

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