Striving for the Top

I have a new marriage with my phone. I made 68 calls yesterday and the heat from the phone alone could warm any cold call you could imagine. I enjoyed the conversations greatly, candidates want to work with a ‘top’ company and clients want to work with a ‘top’ recruiter. The secret to recruiting is that you must keep moving. Whether that be the quick movement of your fingers entering phone numbers, the swift current scanning though your database or your imagination working overtime to simply be more creative. If you are not moving, then you are not going forward.

Moving forward means you must have drive. You must have the ability to glide over the bumps in the road, you may have to think fast to overcome those detours that just  appear out of nowhere and you must always know your limits, especially if you like the fast track. Life isn’t always about cruise control. You must allow your defensive driving to kick in from time to time. I always look for that balance in life to ensure that the journey is somewhat smooth while enjoying the scenery along the way. I know that moving forward gets me closer to my destination.

My destination today is reaching the ‘top’ of my list, whether that be speaking with candidates or clients, I am excited about the possibility of meeting new people, starting new relationships and travelling to the unknown. If you are on my list today, watch out because I will move you.

If you are looking for a new career opportunity, please send me an email along with your resume. If you are looking to hire great people for your team and want to work with a ‘top’ recruiter, all you have to do is ask!  Lets strive for the top together … wishing you a ‘top’ quality day, always. Where is my phone?


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