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Congratulations you have an interview and an opportunity to sit in the hot seat!

The dictionary describes an interview as a formal meeting in which one or more persons question, consult, or evaluate another person. Nowhere does it say an interview causes stress, anxiety or uneasiness. Yet you will find that most candidates stress out before, during and after an interview.

Many candidates may question their ability to do the job or impress the interviewer. What if they asked a difficult question or appear too anxious or nervous? Some candidates will wonder if they appear too nervous or do not answer the questions to expectation. And all candidates will analyze the interview after the fact and feel they should have or should not have said something.

An interview is an invitation to sit in the hot seat. It is an opportunity for you to sell your GREAT qualities while at the same time finding out if the ‘position’ is right for you. Yes, an interview is a 2 way street. The employer is asking questions and evaluating the candidate AND the candidate should be asking questions and evaluating the position and the company.

An interview is a meeting of the minds in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  Learn and grow from each interview you encounter. The more you interview the better you will become.

Finally, never stop learning and growing.  The world is changing and you will always need to know more, understand more and see more points of view. If not then you become static, isolated and closed to opportunities.  Never stop learning and growing because companies know that in spite of all other skills an individual may possess; if their people aren’t growing then their company won’t grow either.

An interview is an opportunity for YOU to sell YOU while at the same time finding out if the ‘position’ is right for YOU. The hot seat welcomes you; make sure both feet are flat on the floor, take in a few slow deep breaths and smile, now smile with your eyes (yes there is a difference!). Relax, focus on positive thoughts and just be yourself. Tomorrow you will learn the top 12 questions to master while remaining cool, calm and collected in the hot seat.



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