Glassdoor shared a report that highlighted the top job openings in demand in light of the Coronavirus. 

NOTE: See an updated post regarding in demand jobs here.

One of the top job postings outside the medical field includes a company seeking a communications consultant who can write content about the outbreak.

– Business Insider

After all, with all the media coverage, the way we speak about the Coronavirus is very important in terms of addressing the outbreak and worries/anxiety around it. 

“We don’t know yet how the outbreak will evolve or how long these workers will be needed. Regardless, many of the jobs appearing involve portable skills. For example, crisis communication skills are becoming more and more useful in a wide variety of contexts, so it’s important for businesses to build that muscle for the long term,”

– Daniel Zhao, Glassdoor

While these roles are likely to be temporary or contract, they are extremely important for providing accurate coverage. Here’s a list of top jobs opening related to the Coronavirus: 

Registered Nurses | $71K

In an attempt to help with screening, there’s a spike in RN hires.

Data Specialists | $87K

Data is extremely important in monitoring the outbreak, as well as the economic implications coming into play. 

Researchers and Scientists | $71K

No surprises here, scientists are needed to review lab data and researchers are tasked with discovering information about the outbreak. 

Communications Specialists | $60k

As stated above, communications specialists are being tasked with formally addressing the outbreak and easing the anxiety of the general public. 

Note: All salaries listed are according to 2018 data. 

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