As part of an ongoing dedication to professional development and upskilling, Top Quality Recruitment has announced TQR University. A new internal training program for TQR employees to enrich their learning, broaden their experience with the company, and further their career. 

The new program, together with the LinkedIn Learning platform, will house collections of professional development training programs, organized in streams. These streams will include a mix of LinkedIn courses and TQRs own training materials developed in-house. 

How it helps employees grow.

TQR employees will have the option of choosing a selection of courses from their department, ranging from operations to soft skills, followed by a selection of elective courses that will help them further their education on a broader level. 

Employees will also have the ability to choose courses from other departments, as a way to further their understanding of TQR as a whole, and enable them to cross train and consider moving to an alternate role within the company. Together the compulsory and elective courses will help TQR employees reach unlimited growth potential, and flexible pathways for their career with TQR. 

Cross-training and Career Paths

TQR University will enable employees to gain an in-depth understanding of each core role at Top Quality Recruitment. This knowledge will help them better understand the value they can best contribute to the company, or simply a greater understanding of TQR and how we find and prequalify great talent!

At TQR we believe our employees are highly skilled, and TQR University is a convenient way to further employees professional development, while giving them larger visibility into various departments and possible career switching options. 

TQR University was unveiled in mid-2021 and will continue for years to come. 

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