In November, 2019 I gave a guest lecture to Fashion Management students at George Brown College, Casa Loma Campus, in Toronto. The subject was Finding and Keeping a Good Job.

My perspective comes from three angles; I’m a young adult who volunteers with teens, I’m a psychology student, and I’m a recruiter.

I spend my working days learning people’s stories and how they got to their positions in their careers, I take a special interest in learning what makes people who they are, and I want to bring that together to help young people succeed in a world that seems increasingly stacked against them. 

I approach topics theoretically to help students create a foundation of career success tools that they can use and adapt to new situations. Each individual will require different things to properly target their goals.

If you have any questions, I can be found at

A big thank-you to Ingrid Wagemans and Rosa Fracassa at George Brown for this opportunity.

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