News channels keep people updated. We’re inundated with negative news stories daily. Negative news(COVID) stories can impact our brain. News runs on advertising dollars, so the more drama (negativity), the longer you watch.   

More than half of Americans say watching negative news can increase anxiety and fatigue, or sleep loss.

American Psychological Association 

Let’s not forget, there is another less newsworthy side, where there is hope for the future, to carry us forward.  These past few weeks, we’ve had positive news with much-needed vaccines coming out with a high degree of efficacy; these developments are something optimistic to monitor.   

Always darker night has a brighter morning  Everything moves in waves, flows, and cycles. There is no doubt that we are in a valley or slump with COVID-19 and the effect on the economy.  However, if you stop to look around you, life goes on.   

We are fortunate to get different companies to fulfill their demands in this situation. The need for food, packaging and medical orders has gone up, not down, in many places. This has a stabilizing effect on our business, for which we are grateful.   

Always being grateful is not enough but positively getting a task and achieve the target is further ambitious. At our company, we have had some of the best, creative, forward-thinking discussions with our trusted team members during COVID. It amazes me once we get deeper into the conversations, we block all negativity and confusion out.  We are genuinely excited about the future. 

So, let’s talk about being grateful.  I appreciate that everyone will have their list of things to be thankful for and varying degrees of gratefulness.

Here are just a few things to help you get started with your gratefulness list: 

  1. Health:  If you are in good health, think of all those affected by COVID or other ailments.  For COVID, the numbers rise every day. If you involve yourself wholeheartedly in your daily routine work it is the best solution to your efforts.
  2. Work: With unemployment and economic uncertainty, we need to be grateful that we have work to do. Money is subordinate matters when you work sincerely to get the satisfaction of the work, whatsoever. All jobs help contribute to the economy and help support your community. 
  3. Friends, Family, Community:  If you want to survive and maintain your existence, you must follow government guidelines. Be grateful to have family, friends, and colleagues you can connect to and interact with regularly. It’s important to note that physical distancing doesn’t have to mean social distancing. Technology may have helped people stay connected during the pandemic.

Above is just a shortlist of things to be grateful for. There are so many other reasons to be thankful; if you are having trouble thinking of some, start small and build from there. As and when time passes global scenario of the world will change and the matter will be subsided.



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