Maximize Your Resume Visibility in the Life Sciences Job Market

The past few have been challenging for organizations across various sectors, including the life sciences enterprise, which encompasses pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. The September market record discovered the addition of 661,000 new personnel, yet the task marketplace is still grappling with a 10.7 million task deficit in comparison to February 2020. This surge in unemployment has left many process seekers striving to secure new employment opportunities.

LinkedIn recently reported a notable uptick in remote hiring across the nation. With an expanding job market and a larger talent pool, employers face the dual challenge of sifting through numerous resumes while job seekers encounter increased competition for prospective positions.

When searching for a new job there is one primary goal that all job seekers are trying to capture.

For job seekers: the primary objective is to capture the attention of potential employers. Conversely, employers and recruiters aspire to identify and hire the most qualified candidates. In these trying times, many companies are making conscious efforts to contribute positively to society. Some are adapting to new business paradigms, while others are exploring innovative ways to navigate the evolving landscape.

Job boards and professional networks are working diligently to alleviate the challenges of hiring during these uncertain times. Embracing these new features can significantly enhance your resume’s visibility and increase your prospects of securing your next job.

Linkedin: Open to Work

In July 2020, LinkedIn introduced a valuable feature known as “Open to Work.” This feature allows job seekers to notify recruiters and their network about their job search. In addition to signaling their job search status to recruiters, “Open to Work” provides job seekers with a distinctive profile frame featuring #OpenToWork. It also allows them to post a standard message on LinkedIn using the hashtag #OpenToWork.

Utilizing the “Open to Work” feature enhances job seekers’ exposure in several ways:

  1. Profile Photo: Whenever you engage on LinkedIn by commenting, sharing, or participating in discussions, your entire network will notice the green banner on your profile photo, signifying your openness to new opportunities.
  2. Recruiter Notification: LinkedIn’s recruiter members will be alerted to your readiness for your next career move.
  3. Sharing with Your Network: Sharing a post on your network informs all your connections about your job search, potentially leading to referrals.
  4. Utilizing the Hashtag #OpenToWork: Employing this hashtag extends your availability to the broader LinkedIn network. By harnessing a trending hashtag, you gain significant exposure beyond typical LinkedIn posts.

In essence, LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork feature is tailored to offer greater exposure to job seekers and streamline the search process for hiring managers urgently seeking to fill roles. Try it for yourself here.

Indeed: Ready to Work

In July Indeed introduced a Ready to Work feature on their platform. allowing candidates to indicate their immediate readiness for employment. By activating the “Ready to Work” feature, job seekers make themselves discoverable to hiring managers who are specifically searching for candidates ready to start working immediately.

Enabling the “Ready to Work” option during your profile setup broadcasts your resume to all potential employers on Indeed. The steps are straightforward:

  1. Confirm the “Ready to Work” option: Select “I’m available to start work immediately.”
  2. Upload your resume to Indeed: This step ensures your CV is easily accessible to employers. The “Ready to Work” initiative is currently available and can be utilized promptly. Moreover, indeed introduced an additional feature that allows hiring managers to designate their job listings as “Urgently Hiring.” This label indicates that the hiring manager is actively recruiting and keen to fill the position as soon as possible.
  3. Get your CV noticed by employers.

Job seekers can access the “Urgently Hiring” feature by simply searching for relevant job listings on Indeed.

In a fiercely competitive job market, it’s essential for both job seekers and employers in the life sciences industry to leverage these innovative features for heightened resume visibility and efficient recruitment processes.

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