Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day! An initiative to end the stigma around mental health. A mental condition of a person becomes difficult while working from home in COVID-19

The most crucial issue with mental health is that it is something people are uncomfortable discussing. This is because of the common myths that surround mental health. Here are just a few untrue myths: 

  1. Mental illness is a sign of weakness: 
    Mental illness is not the ‘fault’ of the person with the illness. It’s not because they are weak or lazy or damaged goods. Environmental and biological factors mainly cause mental illness. 
  2. If you have mental health issues, you cannot perform your work: 
    High efficient workers contributing to the organization very effectively to reach achievement
  3. Get over it: 
    In order to minimize mental illness and stress, there are effective medical and psychiatric treatments help to get the solution

Work becomes easier when proper medical facility provided to employees who are working from home:

  1. Keep communication open: 
    Those who are living alone in isolation may lead to depression. Stay in touch with employees who may typically have less external contact during the day
  2. Remind employees to take breaks and keep moving: 
    It is recommended to take regular breaks to increase your attention, productivity, and quality of your work.
  3. Find fun things to do online with staff: 
    We can implement various team-building activities in the office. When it comes to remote-team, holding team-building activities can be a lot more complicated. Remote team-building activities can help develop your workforce

Employees spend a significant part of their life working and creating value for the organization’s stakeholders. Employers can give back by providing the necessary benefits for physical health and mental health. A happier team obviously leads to higher employee retention!


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