Seemingly overnight we’ve shifted from working in the workplace to seeking online solutions for distanced work. As a result, some online businesses have thrived, while others struggle to adapt to the unexpected high demand. 

In the recruiting industry, our clients are faced with the problem of continuing to hire (in some cases very rapidly) and doing so from a safe social distance. This is where online conference call/video chat software comes into play. 

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Choosing the right software can have an impact on quality, functionality and possibly candidate selection. Good quality infrastructure relieves interruptions and barriers, allowing for smooth conversation. 

We’ve taken a look at some of the top video chat software currently being used and rated them based on the following factors: 

  1. Call Quality
  2. Maximum Time and Participants
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Security
  5. Additional Features


Image Source: Zoom Home Page

Zoom was initially developed for smaller scale video calling but has grown fast due to the COVID-19 environment. This growth is due to many businesses seeing Zoom as a stable and easy to use platform, however in the past month there have been many threats that may deter companies from using the platform. 

Call Quality: Both video and audio are high quality through zoom. In our testing this is one of the best platforms to chat on without lagging or cutting out.

Maximum Time and Participants: Maximum time for free users is 40 minutes but is currently waved due to COVID-19. The maximum participants are 100 users for the free version. 

Ease of Use: Zoom’s interface is fairly easy to use. With the click of a button you can begin a meeting. Due to security enhancements, your meeting will specify a password for any participants who want to join. Once a participant joins, they’ll be entered into a waiting room where you will be able to admit them one by one into the meeting. There may be a slight learning curve for new users but overall the process is streamlined. 

Security: Zoom has made the news on many occasions in the past month as a result of rapid growth. From potential video hacking threats to a lack of end to end encryption, Zoom is lacking some security that users may need. 

Additional Features: Multiple users can share screens at once, calendars can be synced, and meetings can be recorded and transcribed for future use. 

All in all, Zoom is a great platform with security issues to work out. These security flaws are likely due to massive amounts of attention given to the platform now that it has become the platform of use for a majority of remote companies. If your company is using the platform for less sensitive conversations, we would recommend proceeding with caution on the Zoom platform. 

Microsoft Teams

Image Source: Microsoft Teams Home Page

The successor to Skype for Business: Microsoft Teams is the latest unified communication and collaboration tool from Microsoft. This software is primarily used for internal communications between colleagues but also includes the functionality to host external calls. 

Call Quality: Teams is able to host video and audio calls in HD. It is more forgiving of networks with lower speeds than other providers. In our experience we can host calls consistently with no lag. 

Maximum Participants: There is a maximum of 30 participants in a video call. 

Ease of Use: For internal communication Teams is a simple tool. For External communications the initial setup can be tedious. You’ll need to create a meeting, copy the link, email that link to an external user who will then register through the link. 

Security: Microsoft Teams is backed by the same security as the entirety of Office365 and does not pose any major security concerns. They’ve even released a statement related to their dedication to security in the online communication platform.

Additional Features: Teams integrates with Office365 meaning if you’re using outlook, you’ll be able to see when users are available, busy, or in a call/meeting. Teams allows screenshare and remote access capabilities with the click of a button. In our testing we’re able to successfully access team member devices without error or delays.  

Cisco WebEx 

Image Source: Cisco WebEx

WebEx is Cisco’s online communication tool which offers an all in one solution to communicate internally and externally. While marketed more toward businesses, this solution is available and easy for anyone to use. 

Call Quality: WebEx features full HD video and is the clearest of all systems we’ve tested. 

Maximum Participants: The free package allows up to 100 participants for up to 40 minutes. Paid packages allow up to 200 participants for up to 24 hours of continuous calling. 

Ease of Use: For external meetings, WebEx has proven to be the easiest to set up – simply by selecting invite, an email can automatically be sent to the desired recipient to join. If they do not have WebEx they will be directed to download and immediately join the meeting.  

Security: WebEx was designed with security in mind and includes Cisco’s web security and end-to-end encryption. 

Additional Features: WebEx allows Webinars, and Team collaboration (featuring file sharing and whiteboards for more complex interviewing). 

Overall, these are all great platforms to use for different purposes. For internal communication, we would suggest using Microsoft Teams to keep your team in touch. For less secure quick meetings, we would suggest Zoom – once security flaws are resolved. For external communication such as interviewing and otherwise confidential meetings, we would recommend Cisco WebEx. 

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